Hi, my beautiful people! Yes, it came that day when I decided to write my impressions and thoughts about the biggest fashion and haute couture house of all times, the famous Chanel. Chanel is probably the one of those fashion brands that everything turns into gold by being successful in not just fashion related realizations but in beauty scene in general, too.

Coco Chanel´s vision of woman was revolutionary in her time; freeing the tight and by corsets captioned women´s bodies and long, voluminous skirts turning into short, more casual versions. The simplicity of the her expression goes a long way, dualisticly incorporating the famous "Chanel Body", a black jacket and skirt featured with white silk blouse. Not forget simple but elegant pearls accessorize mostly in shape of loosed falling necklace. It defenitely had that "tom-boyish" accent in her time, very playful and quirky!

So that was the past! Today, led by Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel is still a compilation of traditional silhouette, finest tweed jerseys, classy blazers to which he is giving it a modern twist with tons of silky ruffles, gentle colors, a tulles which are softly falling, a pearls´ overload and very dramatic make up game on the models.

Modern Chanel haute couture is very elegant, no decadency on sight, perfectly taylored with a hint of designer´s vigilancy. Because of that in every runway show the spirit of madame Coco is very present and by that I mean in the most amazing sense, celebrating all of her design and in visual sense revolutionary discoveries.

What do you think about Chanel? Do you like it as a haute couture or do you prefer they their "ready-to-wear" collections?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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