Hello my fashion friends! If you have visited my blog occasionaly you would see that my priority theme is haute couture or high end fashion. At the very beginning when I started to write for my blog I knew immediately that haute couture is the only and main thing I want to write about. I know there are millions of blogs and that maybe this particular theme and subject of my blog wouldn´t be so interesting but I conciously chosed to write about haute couture.

Now you probably ask yourself why?! Because it is my passion and I can´t go against myself. I would rather write about stuff that interests me and hope to wake up the interest among the others. The trigger for that to happen, was the saying that I often saw on social media: "Haute Couture Is Dead!" By that it was meant to be said that not so many big and grandious couturiers were there anymore, the lack of artistical and designing braveness were cluttering the couturiers´ inspiration and the fact that making haute couture is very expensive and doesn´t really pays off in today´s by high capitalism driven (fashion) society.

So, if you ask me, is there haute couture or no, I say HELL YES! It still lives in fashion weeks of haute couture. Ok, maybe it is not so dramatical, opulent, decadent (for example just look how Dior couture looks today and how it looked ten years ago). But even in this more "low key" and "silent" note, haute couture exist and continues to give us magnificent pieces of high fashion letting us know that there can be couture, that is here and that will never go away!

Do you think that haute couture is dead? Or do you feel like it will last forever?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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  1. I think (well, I hope) that it will last forever, I feel like haute couture will always stay relevant though just because designers aren't going to want to stop pushing the boundaries of what fashion is!