Talking about style in haute couture can be a little tricky! In haute couture is like in high literature; there are standards and cannons that must be satisfied and fullfilled. Otherwise the ending product can not be part of high fashion niche! But there are defenitely some kind of style interpretations that can be recognized as a tendencies in aesthetic sense.

At first sight, we can say that there are older influences which recreate " la bellec outure". These couture ensembles are more feminine, very elegant, without not so many experiments in artistic sense. They want to pleased the observer and the woman who is lucky enough to wear it. These kind of silhouettes are very airy and flowy, with tons of silky features, very soft lines and colorful textures. This couture respects the very known rules of  more traditional aspect of high fashion.

On the other hand, we have more newest tendencies, which are more appealling in avant garde area. These kind of couture is fearless, doesn´t affraid to take risks in visual realizations. The couture which has modern style tendencies runs away from the traditional sense of couture, making the ensembles much edgy and dark, with heavy lines and forms. It is very often unique signature of young designers which want to stand out in the couturiers´ arena.

By any means, the style tendencies in haute couture are very wide. Although there are some rules that must be respect (in craftmanship´s sense mainly and mostly) haute couture offers some really interesting visual concepts, celebrating the beauty of woman in every single way. And that is the secret weapon of haute couture´s future.

What do you think about styles in haute couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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