Hi, my lovelies! I have really exciting news! A fashion and style application has contacted me to make an editorial for them. I was so happy and so I decided to dedicate it to my favourite couturier of all times, the one and only Alexander McQueen. You can see the editorial by downloading the app (it is free) and go check out my ode to the fallen angel of haute couture.

Having that great news on my mind I decided to dedicate this post to Alexander McQueen, because his sense for visual and for fashion art has really impact me as a fashionista, fashion lover and haute couture blogger and curator.

To me, Lee had the same impact which had had Charles Baudelaire in the literature. When I first came across his poems, especially the poetry edition "Spleen De Paris" (now you get it from where my blog name came from, hehe), I knew that literature was something I want to study and that it is going to be one of the many arts that I love. So I did, I got my master degree diplome in Literature. But, without further ado, to me the fashion epiphany of Charles Baudelaire was defenitely Alexander Mcqueen.

Why was Alexander McQueen so influental not just for my experience of fashion but for fashion history in general? He was like pioneer of a new aestheticism, he developed what was the beauty of ugliness, or what was known as "Savage Beauty". He brought on runways shocking and insane visual concepts which pushed boundaries of couture´s perception. What was sooooo amazingly divine in all of this were the perfect cuts, innovative textures and materials, well fitted order in what was at first sight looked like total animosity against known fashion and couture conventions.

Untill yet, on my opinion, no one even has got on a trace of Lee´s genius talent. I cherish Sarah Burton, she is doing great work, but no one will ever be like Alexander! In literature, there is a theory called A Theory Of Perception, when the novel is so outstanding that pushes the expectation of the reader. For me that was Lee´s design! With every collection she pushed that horizon of my visual expectation, in that way that I couldn´t believe how someone could be so exquisitely excellent and madly genius.

But however he was The Maker, the one who produces art at its finest mode, he struggled with inner deconstructions of himself. That´s why he wanted a piece, piece which he couldn´t find in this world. I guess that´s the curse of all genius people, they fight against themselves and in most times they lose it. I miss Lee´s work and this was a little "hommage", on my own kind of way to thank him for all the greatness of beauty, of art, of style and haute couture!

I would like to know who is your favourite designer of all time? What do you think about Alexander McQueen´s work and do you think if somenone will ever be just like him, a pure genius in sense of fashion design? Oh, and if you have seen my editorial for, please share your thoughts!

Thank you for your attention!


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