Haute couture is, although high end fashion and has the tendency for canonns that must be followed, opened to new inspirational sources and  influences which are perfect way in artistic and expressional way to deconstruct its original frames and make it more imaginative in visual sense.

The perfect example for this haute couture moments and trends is defenitely the pop art couture. It is haute couture influenced by pop art. Pop art is the synonym for popular culture which was very intense during fifties and sixties years during the last century. The culture has went down from its most highly throne to massive, by consumerism effected common people. So the pop culture is a mixture of phenomenons which altered in marketing or advertising, in comic books or the celebrities personas incorporated in artistic scene. For example the most famous pop art example is made by a pioneer of pop art, Andy Warhol, Campbell Soup Cans introduced like a part of serious museum display.

What is so interesting and characteristic for pop art in fusion with haute coure?! Well, this kind of couture is very colorful, a true exibitions of colors´ and prints´ blocking is very common , as well as playful, twirky and "kitschy" features. The visual  irony is something which is often part of haute couture influenced by pop art. The same situation is with the repliques of modern paintings on textiles materials. The perfect example for that is defenitely famous ensemble made by Yves Saint Lauren inspired by Pieto Mondrian´s famous picture Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow. So as you can see haute couture inspired by pop art is a pictoresque fusion of fashion, art, popular culture and everything what popular culture stands for. It shows how haute couture has the inner spirit to move, to change and to alternate with (post)modern forms of human expressions.

What do you think about por art haute couture? Do you like it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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