Hello my dear fashion friends! Today I have decided to introduce you a relatively young designer of haute couture which can already be called an icon, for sure. When you see the photos´ display down below you will understand why.

Michael Cinco has born 1971. in Philippines and is based in Dubai. These facts are very important to know because they can be seen as pure style influence tendencies of Middle and Far East in his couture work. I have seen really amazing designs in haute couture in general, but when I saw the work from Michael Cinco I was blown away. If there was a haute couture heaven than I think we have found it, my dear friends!

What is so astonishing about his work?! Well, first of all he doesn´t affraid to be bold in visual expression. A decadency all the way, the couture features boosted to the fullest; all of that can be seen in his work. A very upper sleek silhouettes which are introduced in forms of corsets which are often a zone of the finest and the most luxurious embroidery, incoroprated in very opuent and gorgeously wide spread wavy gown. The structure is very strong and concrete, giving the couture an amazing "en vogue" posture.

A texture is very interesting in his work; a lace designed in the most detailed and stunning way. To give the ensembles a total glamour setting he combines it with heavy silk materials which give astonishing and most couturize gowns I have ever seen. The philosophy of designer is to create beautiful "belle couture" gowns. He wants you to fall in love in them immediately and with a hint of exaggeration, he celebrates the woman beauty in all of its glory.

If you ever doubt in haute couture, thinking that its grandious era is over, well take a look of this amazing couture pieces of art. At this point I have to say, thank you Mr. Cinco for saving the haute couture!

What do you think about these couture style? Do you like it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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