If somenone has more pictoresque and vivid approach to fashion design than that could only be the Dolce & Gabbana! Italian designer duo makes oustanding and notoriously decadent Haute Couture but in Ready To Wear zone they keep the same creative mojo! That was the case with latest Ready To Wear show for Spring/Summer 2017! So many colors, textures, forms, motives were bursting that famous La Dolce Vita effect that we could only wish next summer to come soon!

The show offered typical Dolce & Gabbana iconography in shape of well fitted cocktail dresses with flowerish prints ornaments or in form of famous black all over laced a.k.a "Sicilian Widow" dresses with see through elements. In printed motives they went a little further, bringing the new features in sense of typical Italian culture trademarks like big gelatos, bottles of vine or more rustically but never the less important, the spaghetti! This kind of selection gave the whole collection very playful and quirky vibe, counting to spread the interests fot their design to more younger generations of recipients and buyers. Of course the constant highlight of Dolce & Gabbana design, The Madonna icon, was also featured on t-shirts and oversized cutted coats.

This show was one of the most diverse in every sense. We saw how flip flops can be glamorous, how display of traditional Italian culture can be quirky and stylish, how wearing flowery crown can make you a fashion goddes. It was a perfect inscenation and pleyade of typical Italian glamour, so impecable but seriously not being serious! And that is the key of having style, the Dolce & Gabbana kind!

Do you like this collection?

Georgia! xo

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