Monday, 17 October 2016


When we talk about haute couture details are essential and so important! The aesthethic of high fashion is hidden in so many varieties and forms of it but looking closely you can see all the glory and talent of the couturier who has made or chose that particular texture. So in today´s post I will say something about patterns in haute couture.

Patterns are defenitely connected to the materials and textures´ nature of haute couture. It can be meant that the word is about materials but nothing in haute couture is simple and looks as it seeems. The materials can be made of silky textures which are in most cases printed or colored. The most outstanding are micro-details in couture ensembles and by that I mean embroideries made in three dimensional features or in the shape of fine and delicate lace. It can be even more glammed up in form od sewed glittery appliques or crystals which  invocate the most outstanding elegence.

The delicacy of patterns is the best seen and captured in light and bright colors, like white or variatons of it. This illuminatory sequin is the best mode in which patterns and their details can ne noticed perfectly! We can call them gorgeous close ups because they are visible only if observer knows how to look at haute couture and appreciate each step of it!

I have told so many times in my posts that haute couture has so many facets and faces. It really reveals all of its glory whith every new perspective. At firs look we see a beautiful dress, at second amazing color, at third gorgeous texture...The focuses are countless and that is the best thing about haute couture!

What do you like the most in haute couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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