The synonym for fashion in early twenties years of twenty century could  be called the haute couture inspired by Great Gatsby for sure. I hope you watched the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio so you could defenitely get the real hype about the Gatsby era. Most of the ensembles which I put in gallery down below were inspired by this movie or were displayed at the same movie. So lets see how looks the Great Gatsby couture!

When we observe closely to this type of fashion mode we can see and feel the Charleston vibes. The fringes, the dresses loosed up in waist, lots of glam and glitterish textures; all of this invites to dance. The elegance of that time wasn´t in opulent and voluminous gowns, on contrary the dresses were very simply cutted, falling easy and free. One major nad particular factor can be seen in the length of the dresses. The length was under the knees which was revolutionary at that time. Woman was starting to be more and more emancipated and that can be seen in the way she dressed.

The glamour was toned down in clothing sense but in makeup and hair cuts the glam was outstanding! Although the hair was short in form of famous bob, it was ornamented with feathers or in rich waves strong structured around the face. The makeup was very dramatic, with bold eyes and deep dark red lips.

Loosed glamour that is what we could call the Great Gatsby era in fashion. Although nothing was decadent and over the propotion, still this time in fashion history is defenitely one of the most original and elegant. And with lots of statement looks for sure!

What do you think about this fashion?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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