Like every form of artistic expression the sources of imagination and inspirations are countless. Any possible scenario in visual expresion can be pulled off. This is the same thing with japanese culture inspired haute couture, precisely said by geisha. The look of geisha is really very unique and calls for so many visual interpretations. So lets see how this theme is presented in high end fashion.

What catches the eye at the first sight when talking about modern geisha is the destructive form of traditional visual incorporation of geisha´s gourmet. Very voluminous approach to the silhouette which is defined by original item which is so important highlight in every geisha look and that is belt. Thin oropulent the belt around the waist gives modern twist to it. When talking about silhouette and structure of the ensembles we can say that it is almost origami alike, very stiff and strong but delicate at the same time.

Of course when we think about geisha style the inevitable are makeup and hair. In this story the aproach to it is the same as in the couture ensembles; it is very edgy and avant garde with accentuated brows, lips and colorful game on the eyelids. The hair is formed in multiple little buns or hidden under theatrical head pieces or hats.

Every side of the world has its own beauty. It is amazing to see how haute couture incorporates the best of it in itself showing and proving that fashion loves multiculturalism and it is opened for every inspiration in that sense. And this is one of the stunning things when we talk about fashion and haute couture.

Do you like this kind of couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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