If there is someone who makes haute couture with the most diversity in any possibly imaginative way than it is probably french couturier Stephane Rolland! His work is very bold and brave with famous french decadence and strong visual idea. That is why I decided to say few of impressions about his work in today´s post.

Stephane Rolland loves to create and show very strong structured forms. Either if it is word about very silky and gentle in texture sense or very rich but airy ruffles´ game, he likes to enhance and accentuate the pure form. When he approaches to the more light and soft fluctual shapes, he makes them very defined.

The vision of woman which he sees is defenitely "femme fatale" with amazing sense for style and aestheticly good taste. His vision of woman is fearless, bold and brave, seen through new fashion romanticism highlighted through great shapes and original fashion visual realizations. Rolland is defenitely choice for somenone who likes to be noticed and recognized for its style. Dress to impress... and be remembered and admired for the most perfect style!

Do you like this haute couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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