Military meets disco! In that one particular phrase we could describe Ready To Wear Summer/Spring 2017 collection made by Kenzo! Kenzo is known for exploring all the way and not being affraid of visual excitements. Colorful, very rich in inspirative patterns and textures, Kenzo offered us really beautiful and joyful show with guaranteed epic style pieces.

From robust already mentioned military features which were combined with prints´ blocking mannerism in form of ovesized coats and shirts, to very vibrantly, cheecky rosie wrapped dresses. A step into the future were made in shape of glossy nylon trench coats or silverish bustiers on top of the baggy pants. A romantic twist was defenitely incorporated in flowy silky dresses, and that disco vibe mentioned at the beginning was defenitely hit by shiny, glittery embellished short dresses. The dramatic moment was defenitely gorgesous and outstanding makeup; impecable red lips and also red, perfectly smudged eyeshadow!

This collection really reflects the real Kenzo spirit; playful and fun fashion approach with amazingly tailored pieces. With them everyone can be a style star! Even if you take only the inspiration from Kenzo you never go empty handed! And that is the most important thing when it comes to Ready To Wear collections!

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Georgia! xo

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