In my opinion there are not so many items from nature that are so stunning as butterfly! It is gentle, colorful, full of life and vivid in its whole appearance. When it is incoroprated in haute couture than my friends, we have the ultimate celebration of beauty. There is something delicate and super fine when it comes to this fauna creatures that even haute couture with these kind of motives has ultra romantic boost.

The main focus when talking about butterflies in haute couture are defenitely the printed appliques on the materials from gowns or ensembles. This kind of sample invites designers to use very bright and wide spectrum of colors, that is why creations on this point are rich with vibrate doze of colors imitating the dazzling mimicry of nature.

The other type of butterflies´ forms are in sphere of more detailed and specific ornaments placed on the face as a masque or on the head as a gorgeous head piece. The inspiration where to put the butterflies´ appliques are really innormous and this is one of my favorite way to rock the butterflies in haute couture.

If there is further step to being innovative and romantic, decadent and elegant with playful feminine touch than this is probably the right way. Butterflies are like epiphany of woman´s beauty; there are gentle but stunning! More than that we can not ask for!

Do you like this kind of couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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