If you have stopped by my blog sometimes you could notice that I usually write about fashion. But as a common girl I am huge makeup fan so I decided in this post to write about makeup trends for Autumn/Winter! We are deep in autumn so fell free to get inspired by some of the looks dispalyed in gallery below. But first, just few words about them.

Even in this cold season the dark lipistick is a must! The depth goes so long that we talk about deep aubergine or even simply black lips. This look goes well with nude, clean face channelling two things; accentuated lips and gorgeous skin!

Even the liner game has gone a bit braver, so we have full varieties of graphic eyes, in only black or colored ones or in form of glitter. This is the choice for really courageous fashionistas and of course the girls who are eyeliner queens. If you wear it every day go with this playful variety for night out! You will stand out and be so chic at the same time!

Let´s go back to the lips again! Thank God we are a little left the MATTE era, so we can enjoy in juicy, glossy and lustrous lips again! I mean, who could resist to that; shine gives you volume and lifts up your lips instantly! I am defenitely team shine this season, no matte lipsticks for me anymore, thank you very much!

The nude revolution is kicking again; Alicia Keys has started, Kim K. embraced it for a little while at Balenciaga show during the Paris Fashion Week! So you can try it too! Of course, or just rock "no makeup-makeup" look, with perfect naturally looking skin. I really love and embrace this "naked face" movement, it is really refreshing and celebrates woman˙s beauty, yay!!

As a conclusion I can say that we will have very exciting Autumn/Winter season makeup wise! That is only and rare thing that I love about cold weather, you can experiment with makeup, wear full face all the way not worrying about smudging or total melt down! What more can a makeup lover ask for, right!

What are your Autumn/Winter beauty goals this year? Will you be wearing one of these looks?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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