In today´s post it´s about to go down!! I usually write about haute couture and try to stick with this fashion domain, but boy, when I saw new Ready To Wear collection for Summer/Spring 2017 by Elie Saab I was blown away and decided to write my impressions about it in today´s post!

In his haute couture collections Saab always go very elegant and feminine but in this particular Ready To Wear show I think he loosed up all of his imaginative skills and got in stardusty mood! Talking about stars, this item was the visual highlight of his collection. It gave collection very playful and young, edgy twist! The vibrant mood came along in form of shorts and cutted jackets with pumped sleeves. Or sweet "let-me-swing my-cape" kind of vibe with long silky and wavy, vibrantly printed long coats.

Of course, the collection had the ultimate "Elie Saab glam moment" with very sexy gowns! And they were just gorgeously boosted with seduction in form of deep or crossed over cuts on decolletes on top of impressively shiny dresses. These gowns were defenitely my favorite part of the show! I can already see some A-lost celebrity flaunting it on the red carpet!

As a conclusion I have to say, this was very young, twerky and sexy collection! It showed us the side of Elie Saab never seen before! He brought a couture glamour into the Ready To Wear story, embracing the main thing what in Ready To Wear strive is so important and that is being innovative and interesting! And he was more than that for sure!

Do you like this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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