There are defenitely so many fashion items that can be rocked in Ready To Wear as well as in Haute Couture mainstream. The one of them is defenitely simple white blouse. But no doubt to this; it is the most elegant and feminine piece! How it goes and manifests in high end fashion I will show you in this post.

If we could call one name or the queen of white blouse trend in Haute Couture than that would defenitely be Carolina Herrera. Combination of simple white blouse with opulent and voluminous gowns became a trademark for this american designer. The same style tendency can be seen in Oscar De La Renta fashion; these two designers have so many similar thing in their approach to fashion design, so the white blouse thing trend was just inevitable.

This approach has defenitely the casual moment and approach on the first place. Wearing white blouse has that toned down glamour which is bursting with elegance and simplicity. Of course in haute couture it has much more defined and refined form but the total impression at the end is very wearable elegance.

The textures and forms are not strictly defined. They can be more luxurious boosted with pearls, chrystals or soft silky materials. The form can be very corset alike with very sleek silhouette or can have much more voluminous and wavy approach to it. Even going totally opposite, choosing a man´s white shirt, in typical Herrera choice, gives woman deep elegance and sophisticated whisp to her style.

Of course this post is all about white blouse seen through the Haute Couture persepctive. But in every day style you can be easily inspired by it and achieve in the blink of an eye the ultimate style winn! Remember, with white blouse you can never miss!

How do you wear your favorite white blouse?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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