If there is one particular fashion item that has endless aesthetic vibe and never goes out of style than it is defenitely the black dress. Most common is little black dress but in today´s post I will share with you ways of how it well goes in haute couture aspect and connotations.

The most legendary item ever was for sure Givenchy black dress which was worn by Audrey Hepburn in my favorite movie of all times,  "Breakfast At Tiffany´s". If you want to take a course in how to stylistically enrich this ultimate fashion piece you defenitely need to watch carefully this movie and you will see how this simple ensemble channells different echos depending on accessories.

In haute couture story black dress goes little more decadent and glamorous. It is made from luxurious fabriques like chiffon, silk or ornamented glittery materials which defenitely give it an ultimate full glam effect. With this kind of dress you can never go wrong, it is safe way to shine when you have to. And you will defenitely be the star of the party of you wear it, no doubt that!

A more edgier vibe is in form of ultimate mini dress which boosts up femininity. It has that ultimate seductive note with the touch of mystery because the black color is all about that. So if you want refined sexyappeal you can go with this kind of choice. Tone it down with black biker suede jacket and you will the incarnation be the ultimate style queen!

Do you have little black dress? How do you wear it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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