The most amazing thing how high fashion interprets its inspirations is defenitely the fact that it uses different sources and integrates it in haute couture story. It takes the best and makes it even better! That visual sensation can be seen in haute couture featured with pearls. Pearls are often meant to be used like a jewelry but haute couture goes a step further and makes the whole ensembles featured with them.

What makes special this kind of couture is the accent on the texture of the materials. Pearls give it gorgeous matte iridescence with magical depth to it. Maybe the most astonishing form is white pearls on black surface. The dramatic of black gives pearls more glamorous and rich sheer shine. The other variant but never less glamorous is gentle, powdery colors underneath like soft rose or green. This combination gives the whole ensembles a whisp of baroque decadence.

But the most stunning choice when it comes to work with pearls gave Givenchy in their Spring/Summer collection 2016. In collaboration with famous makeup artist Path McGrath they offered pearl masks which were positioned on models´ faces breaking all the rules of make up but accessories too, making the perfect combination of the both. This is just another example of haute couture perceptions and artistic approaches which we need to admire!

Do you like this kind of haute couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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