Haute couture is big part of fine art! Although it is still in fashion domain, but by the way how it comprehens the form and visual sensations we can defenitely say that couture is deep into artistic approach to its sensations. When we add to that an inspiration by paintings, we have totally (re)freshed point of view of fashion expression.

In that sense we talk about big paint dispay on two levels, or maybe three! The first one is the zero point or the original paint that we all know about, the Picasso, Dali, Klimt or Matisse´ painting for example. The second degree or point is the assimilated version of the paint art on the texture for haute couture; in many cases the silky or very richly boosted materials of which ensembles are made off. The third and final point is the finished product that can be seen on haute couture runway show. In this segment we can see how something very different like art piece works in totally new surrounding, and that surrounding is fashion.

As you can see, this type of presented couture shows us how haute couture and high fashion works impecable in every connotation and occasion. The only main and important thing is to have a vivid imagination, creative boldness and perfect craftmanship skills to get the art from pure art. Like visual alchemistry and that is the most beautiful gift haute couture can give us!

Do you like this kind of haute couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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