There are tons of themes by which haute couture gets inspirations off. The most interesting and one of the most playful and quirkiest is the Alice In Wonderland theme. The oniric and sur-realistic persepctive creates the perfect place for most inspirational haute couture. This theme is often used in high end fashion editorials too because it is very diverse and imagination pure.

The haute couture inspired by this theme is very colorful with very original forms and structure solutions. The "uber" imaginative factor gives the whole ensembles very high artistic note, the very dreamy content brought into the visual reality. Very innovative design approaches in shape of disproportional ruffles, enormous ball gowns ornamented with anthological Alice In Wonderland motives like little rabbits, clocks, mirrors or simply sweet design decadence. All of this can be seen in this concept.

The Alice In Wonderland theme is everlasting inspiration in fashion world! Many of famous designers played with these motives in their collections, like John Galliano for Dior, Christian Lacroix or Viktor & Rolf! As you can see the word is about designers who like bold fashion expression and love to experiment. The (non)reality concept of the fairy tale which is this one, gives them plenty of space for being imaginative and for to as recipients offers a really grandious visual experience!

Do you like this kind of haute couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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