If there is anything more dazzling and astonishing in teh world of couture than that would probably be the combination of flowers and haute couture. Of course, flowers are beautiful for them own, but incoroprated in haute couture story we get the most beautiful fashion moments and picture worth of our admiration. So this post is all about celebrating the haute couture and flowers.

The presence of floral appliques insures us that the main inspirational mojo is romantic and feminine approach to the design. If we could boost up the delicate beauty of woman we could defenitely do that by floral details in haute couture ensembles. Another thing that is important when talking about flowers in couture is the size of them. The most of textures in this case are defined by little, uber-fine micro floral details. They can be printed or embroidered, or for more astonishing effect they can be in form of three dimesional features. A further step ahead is defenitely real flowers applications.

Floral couture can have many forms; it can be opulent and decadent, but also very simple and elegant. Of course like in general couture perceptions, very important is the selection of materials. If we go for more down key effect we will choose light chiffon layers or if we want our ensemble to stand out the choice will defenitely be heavy, rich, silky material.

I think there is nothing more stunning than this kind of haute couture. You have everything; the romantic touch, eternal elegance, extravagant moments or vivid vibrations of original high fashion moment. All of that can offer us floral couture. Just another way to express aesthetically visions of world around us.

Do you like this couture?

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Georgia! xo

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