Haute couture is perfect field for amazing inspirations that come true! It is meant to be worn but first of all to be admired. Nothing less of our attention deserves today´s theme of my post and that is the by gold inspired haute couture. By that I mean gold in shape of real treasure metals appliques, or yellow-ish gold color or clean embroidery made of golden threads.

The golden theme is usually dedicated to autumn and winter collections of high fashion; gold is more festivity alike color. If we look closer to gold inspired haute couture we can see that this law of total glamour is followed by real gold forms which are shaped in arabesque patterns. This is probably one of the most stunning moments in haute couture because it goes step ahead and away of typical dressing code and becomes very theatrical structure of a shield. There is nothing more decadent and astonishing than cold metal layed down on the models´ skin. This contrast looks very visually strong and it is defenitelly my favorite example of by gold inspired couture.

We can not forget the embroidery features, made of silky knittings or heavy embellished silky materials. This kind of couture has something royal and magnificent. Or more modern interpretations of it in form of golden glitters applied on tiny chiffon layers rocking the inevitable "Saturday Night Fever" vibe.

Once again haute couture shows us how it can be generated and how wide and heterogeneous mannerism it has. This is probably one of my favorite embodies of couture. More glamorous and extravagant than this can´t be! Or maybe it can...

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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