Beside forms and silhouettes, textures and colors, the very astonishing and important part of haute couture are defenitely prints. Prints in high end fashion can be displayed in so many different shapes and facets giving the final product a.k.a ensemble very avant garde and modern touch, or have more playful and quirky approach, or romantic and purely feminine concept. It all dependes of the way which prints are included.

In haute couture nothing is taken for granted, in sense that each of above mentioned elements have to be in perfect collision and nice visual symbiosis to give the ultimate high fashion sensation. That is why choice of prints is always on point and in deep connection to a wider fashion picture of the particular ensemble and collection too. For example, very simple silhouette can have totally new aspect in perception if it is boosted with remarkable and imaginative prints. If the prints are more on the experimental side, celebrating very colorful geometric shapes this gives us the ultimate aesthetic sensation.

Very glamour effect give famous animal prints. They can be tricky to pull of but haute couture imagination has no limit so they are more than welcome in this fashion story. It is interesting to see how they look toned down and very purified. This is the perfect example how known pattern works different in new fashion environment. Of course, at this point we can not forget the classic; floral patterns. They are really the ultimate femininity carrier but if they are combined with more original materials than typical chiffon, and shapes like puffed ball gowns or three dimensional appliques, they can look amazingly fresh and extravagant.

Once again haute couture has proved that it goes well in so many creative directions. If all of its visual elements are well coordinated it gives us the most stunning surprise; very vivid and heterogenic fashion picture. And more of that we can not ask for!

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


  1. I love prints and these are some amazing pieces. The bottom piece is one of my favourites.


    1. It is stunning piece indeed! Thank you so much for your nice comment! 😊