Tuesday, 11 October 2016


If you are familiar with haute couture scene you will know that Giambattista Valli is is a genius of ruffles. He loves very soft and decadent touch in high end fashion. But in his latest Ready To Wear collection for Spring/Summer 2017 he toned down the couture spirit and made really adorable pieces.

The main focus was light textures and really wearable forms which were presented in shape of maxi dresses or loosed up cocktail dresses. The feather-ish factor was enhanced in the way of choosing the materials, and that was the most finest almost light as a petals sliky fabriques which in some point were so delicate that very well played the see-through body game.

Even in trousers´ story they were sleek and in pencil shape formed but that rigoros approach was loosed up with silky blouses ornamented with little ruffles which as mentioned earlier are trademark of Giambattista Valli´s style. Any exaggeration wasn´t featured colorwise; very clean and bright shades avoiding vibrant spectrum and keeping it in the range of white, black or grey enriched with micro-printed details.

This collection was a breath of fresh air in every sense! It would defenitely refresh your summer style but in sense of Valli´s fashion house, this was really new approach to Ready To Wear collection; very simple but feminine and glamorous at the same time! Perfect combination for channelling summer concrete queen, for sure!

Do you like this collection!

Georgia! xo

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