For fashionistas and fashion fans the term "resort" is a known thing. Resort collections are also famous as the "cruising fashion", made especially for customers who are spending their vacations on yachts or fancy holiday areas. The time for their presentations are winterish and cold weather seasons because customers usually spend they winter vacations on warm places. So the concept of it is very casual but in haute couture scene it has a little more elegant and glamorous touch to it. It is more on the "ready to wear" side but with important and charasteristic glamour high end fashion effects.

Many designers who are making haute couture are usually designing for resort collections too, so it is very interesting to see how they see a haute couture in that kind of inspirations. The resort collections in haute couture scene are more wearable, more light fabriques are in the game, as the same as loosed up and wavy structures, with no heavy and strong accentuated features.

Of course, in haute couture sky is the limit, so in the concept of resort fashion, there are rules that are conciously avoiding the classic resort style like navy prints, blue tones and colors or caftans vibes. It is more classier and decadent, in couture sense, with hints of casuality but with strongly accentuated high fashion boost. It has a trace of decadence in shape of luxurious materials, rich prints and soft or vibrant colors. Black is to be avoided but some designers use even the black in full form for their resort visions.

What do you think about resort collections? Do you like them?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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