If you are already introduced to my blog you will know already that the main domanin and focus is high end fashion or haute couture. Of course fashion has so many different features and fatigues and one of it is for certain ready to wear collections. There is one particular designer that makes stunning pret-a-porter collections and that is Roberto Cavalli.

First of all, being an italian designer accentuates more the stylisticly perfect approach to design. Cavallo is fierless when it comes to making wearable clothes; bold color blocking, vibrant animal prints. Sexy dresses as well as very airy maxi-dresses, inspired by inevitable rock chic and chicks, stardusted ensembles perfect for saturday night out.

Cavalli has very edgy and interesting approach to his vision of a woman. She is the urban warior, flaunting all of her assets self-conciously knowing that the weapon is not in her appearence but in the pure fact that she is a Woman! This kind of woman celebrates Roberto Cavalli in each collection of him. If you want to make your style an ultimate never forgetable signature, you will choose Cavalli! His vision to boost the power of femininty is worth of any admiration and adoration!

Do you like Roberto Cavalli´s fashion?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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