Versace has been known for its very sexy but feminine fashion and design! Neither haute couture is any exception. In today´s post I will reminiscent impressions of mine about Autumn/Winter collection for year 2012 to you show how couture can be endless in style sense. With Donatella Versace as a leading creative mind Versace has became the epiphany for ultra feminine fashion with deep seduction note. This collection was on the same railway, but let us see the details more precisely!

At first sight what caught the eye were defenitely amazingly structured silhouttes; in typically hourglass shape making the upper part stiff featuring the mega sleek corsets and very flowy down parts with deep cutts on the side. This particular choice of design has even more undertoned the playful and seductive note of the ensembles. Meters and meters of finest silk playing around models´ leggs were reason for the ultimate "Wowza!" effect. The further step in bulding the seductivity vibe were defenitely micro-dresses, mini-trench coats and sleek long ensembles accentuating perfectly every feature of woman´s body.

Versace is bold even in colors´ field! From white, to papagei yellow, baby rose or richly printed textures. Of course when talking about textures, although the nature of the gowns was very light, the autumnal/winterish touch could be seen in heavy embroidered materials or simply in glittery appliques which were perfect choice to bright any dulness so characteristic for the cold seasons. But, let us see the contemporary factor or with other words said, can this collection be wearable and be fashion hit even today?! The answer is totally YES! For ultimate elegance with total feminine boost this collection would be a perfect choice! Another prove how eternal and stylish haute couture can be!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


  1. Beautiful post as always, I need to go to more runway shows.

    1. Thank you so much! Your support means a lot to me! Have a great Saturday! 😊