Haute couture never fears inspiration or any visual challenge. Any idea is possible to achieve if the connection between artistic vision and craftmanship´s realization works perfectly. The haute couture made of metals is no exception. It is more on the avant garde and experimental side but strong and vivid in visual sense. So that is the theme of today´s post!

First of all we have to see the nature of metal material; it is very hard, stiff and with very strong association at sculptural mannerism. Having that on mind the sellection of forms and shapes is limited; we can not expect flowy and airy light silhouettes and ensembles, but very rigorous design realizations and concepts. The most common shapes made of metal are corsets because the nature of them is very similar to the nature of metal´s texture. If they are combined with pieces of flowy fabrique features they achieve outstanding futuristic and very romatic vibe.

But the most astonishing and fierceful looks are those which are totally and fully made of metals. In fashion and haute couture history two designer names were famous for this type of art and couture expression; Thierry Mugler and Paco Rabanne. They were pioneers of total metal glam, makig the keborgs alike fashion iconic pieces. Surprisingly the aura of this couture is very boosted with strong femininity maybe because of concrete accentuated women´s features.

Haute couture has showed that any story is possible when it comes to its visual realizations. It tells us the most stunning stories with in this case true futuristic and avant garde heroine, a lady in shiny armour in leading roll! Total "bulletproof" in style sense, for sure!

Do you like this couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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