As a true haute couture fan I have so many things I admired at when talking about high end fashion. From structures, from silhouettes through details, colors...But the light motive that I adore in every couture ensamble is a ruffle, or tons of them. They are detail which to any design story give refine touch.

There is something very delicate and astonishing about this particular haute couture feature or ornament if you prefer to see it like that. It is very stylized looking by the shape of it so it is perfect choice to boost any couture story. I like how the creativity of this pattern is enormous; it can be very small making the perfect airy and etheric texture or it can be mega big creating the all around wavy applique!

It can be easily incorporated in any garment option. For example like a classic applique on voluminous gowns but it can also look amazing on sleek forms giving the chic and "tres" stylish touch to the simple cocktail dress. To me very impressive looks defenitely on the jackets giving them romantic, victorian alike aesthetic and vibe.

So as you can see so haute couture has so many diverse creative sides which are perfect to observe. It has so many hidden visual secrets and one of them are defenitely the ruffles. They are like cotton candy, in every imaginative way. They sweeten up the whole haute couture picture making it even more dazzling and simply tastefully beautiful!

Do you like this couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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