Monday, 21 November 2016


If you are a little a bit of fashion you will know that there are two main strikes when it comes to it, haute couture or high end fashion and ready-to wear a.k.a. pret-a-porter. The both are the body and soul of one artistic and visual sensation called fashion! So how they correspond, thant is the theme of today´s post! Let us see pros and cons of the both!

What is great about haute couture?! That it is endless and never goes out of fashion. You can wear dress from first haute couture collection by Dior for example and still look modern and dazzling. I will give you an example; we still remember that vintage moment when Julia Roberts won the Oscar in Valentino black dress which was few years old. Why is that so?! Because haute couture is like the fiinest jewelry, it is eternal and doesn´t have an expire date. It only gets better with time.

What is not so great about haute couture?! Ok, to me nothing but I know that many designers choose not to be couturiers because it is very expensive adventure. The materials are very rich and you need to have tons of finest silk, for example, to make just one dress. So the quantity is very important when talking about quality of haute couture. And many designers don˙t want to go in that adventure if they don´t want to bankrupt immediatelly. The other thing is that haute couture, although is eternal, it si not wearable in everyday life. It is made to be exposed on the red carpets, museums or at the sallons of very, very rich people.

What is amazing when talking about pret-a-porter?! Well, pret-a-porter is a pioneer of fashion. Any fashion experiment is made in field of "ready-to-wear" fashion like mini-skirts, tuxedos for women, business elegence..The ability of self-inventions is the best thing when talking about pre-a-porter and it is the main imperative when talking about ready-to-wear.

The not so great things are the fact that trends which are made by pre-a-porter are very non-constant and have tendency to varius changes. That is why designers are always on pressure to invent something new which will stand out and be the new trend. And if their vision is not so acceptable in the eyes of fashion public, than his collection will be seen as a totally miss.

So as you can see, fashion has so many amazing faces and features. Even if you are like me a haute couture fan, or if you are more oriented on pret-a-porter, we all enjoy in the beautiful skill of art and dressing called The Fashion.

Which team are you; haute couture or pret-a-porter?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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