Any fashion insider knows that haute couture has become relevant in France. But never the less there are so many great designers or couturiers that make amazing haute couture in all over the world. One of the best are the british designers for sure! First of all, if we look up closely, the most original fashion week is always the one held in London. The genius of haute couture was british child, late Alexander Mcqueen. The queen of power woman voice is Vivienne Westwood. Sexy boost which can be found in Julien McDonald design...As you see the list of amazing names is endless. So lets look what kind of couture Britain has to offer!

As already mentioned the british designers are not affraid to experiment in any visual sense. They love to push boundries not just in haute couture but in Pret-a-Porter scene too. Having that on mind we have to admit that this kind of high fashion has perky vibe, it is playful, beautiful in gorgeous savage kind of way. The famous british sense for humor and light cynical approach can be felt in these kind of ensembles.

Not to mention the famous british sensibility too. It can be found not only in victorian novels, but on couture runways and fashion perspectives too. Gentle and pure feminine silhouettes, with stunning colors reminding us of something so pure as a "british rose"! All of these visualisations can be seen and are presented in haute couture made in Great Britain.

Do you like this haute couture? From which part of the world come your favorite couturiers?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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