Today I will write a different kind of post! But, don´t worry, still in fashion domain. You probably don´t know what is next obssesion of mine after fashion and music. Well, the answer is simple, cats!!! I love them so much! Everything themed by these gorgeosly fured and purrrfect creatures, impresses me so much! So I decided to say and show a few photos from couture editorials where main stuntscrew are kitties.

I don´t want to much to rave about cats, you know that they have their own nature, humans are their slaves...But in fashion editorials they look very cool and dandy! I know this is a silly constatation but if you want to fuel your photos with extra coolness and dashingly cold, but very chic touch, you will decide to feature a cat in your shooting!

They have very captivating eyes, so all attention is on them ( a real human model is here just passing by). But if you look closely to all of photos where cats are included, they look so fiercefully in lense, or just gazing somewhere in the distance, giving the photo a hint of totally new swagginess.

So cats are perfect models for fashion shootings! They have everything a model should have; bold, deep look, accentuated personality, always flawless looking with their divine groomed hair, balancing with their paws in perfect "en vogue" pose!

Do you like cats in fashion editorials? Do you find it cool and sweet or they are not your object of adoration?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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