To show and prove how haute couture is endless and never looses its visual beauty and dazzle I have decided to write few of "Throw Back" posts on my blog this week just so you can see how haute couture is eternal and never in style sense fades away. I chose to write and get a couture reminiscence of the Elie Saab Spring/Summer collection in the year 2010. There is also very specific reason why I chose this particular fashion show to present you and if you are not so into the fashion to introduce you to.

Let me remind you about which year we are talking about! it is 2010! I remembered this was the first collection of "la belle" couture by which I was utterly blown away! When I saw it I was speachless and fell in love immediatelly in Elie Saab´s design and his aesthetic vision. This love still lasts even today. What was so amazing about this collection?!

First what caught my attention was the perfectly flowy and airy silhouette! The way how silky and chiffon fabriques played around models´ body was just breathtaking! It was like the models walked on cloudy paradise made of haute couture, all cozed up in wearable petals. The delicacy and eteric touch was even more undertoned with selection of gentle and soft colors, like lots of batique pastels which gave even more irredescent feel to it! Of course, the Elie Saab´s trademark, and that was the finest embroidered aplliques, were also featured for more impecable impression!

This was the first collection which made me love even more haute couture! Looking at those stunning gowns I have to be grateful to be blessed for having the passion for fashion, because these ensembles made me sincerelly happy! I admire Elie Saab on his design vision which embodies woman and celebrates her just the way she is; strong and confident but boosted with gentle and delicate elegance! And not to mention how even today, six years later, this collection is astonishing and simply beautiful! And in that fact, my dear friends, is hidden the power of haute couture!

Do you like this collection by Elie Saab!

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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