Tuesday, 8 November 2016


If  there is anything more astonishing and breathtaking in fashion sense than this would probably be the haute couture inspired by ballet and ballerinas! Even famous french painter Edgar Degas was obsessed with them, so why would haute couture be an exception, right!! I personally adore ballet and ballerinas! There is something very special in this type of dance which seems very light and easy but it is really hard work and demands full dedication. So the haute couture inspired by ballet is today´s theme!

Of course when talking about this type of couture and high fashion we know that there will be tons of chiffon textures and tulles. But the most interesting thing is to see how couture interpreters this classicly and typically ballet materials and transforms them into most dashing and delicate fashion pieces! The range is very wide; from romantic and gentle ensembles to more edgier and braver pieces.

The colors are in full spectrum; from gentle powdery shades and common white to bright and vibrant yellow, red, green or simply black. Especially black colored display in combination with metalic appliques takes further step and gets very rock and punk-ish vibe. The ballerina theme is very characteristic and perfect for fashion editorials. This connotation of elegant dance is very appropriate for telling visual story with a hint of elegance and sweet drama that is hidden in ballet moves transformed in high fashion persepctive.

Personally this combination of haute couture and ballet is the most beautiful and magic! It gives the best sides from the both of this arts; gentleness and delicacy of ballerinas and playful romantic elegance of couture! More we can not ask for!

Do you like this couture and what do you think about fashion editorials inspired by ballet and ballerinas?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


  1. This has to be my favourite post yet, I love Ballet costumes and pieces. It's my dream to own the perfect tutu.


    1. This is one of my favourite posts too! What can be better than haute couture and ballet! Thank you so much for your comment! :)