Thursday, 3 November 2016


I can´t think of any texture that represents a pure femininity and woman delicacy more precisely than lace! For ages, this very fine embroidered ornament was the highlight of ultimate elegance when it comes to fashion and the culture of style and clothes in general. No doubt that haute couture has embraced this detail to its aesthetic giving and showing the best of it! So in today´s post I will show and tell how haute couture channels lace.

With unlimited inspiration and no rules, haute couture plays successfully with laced textures. So having that on mind, lace can be used like a small feature on the ensemble or, like in most cases, it can be used as the only material of which gowns are made. Layed down on the sheer and light transprent chiffon the laced ornament stands even more out.

The most common colors are black which is known for its seductive and mysterious vibe, or pure white which is often part of amazingly created weding dresses. But of course, haute coouture loves to play and to go outside its comfort visual zone, so it offers us the whole range of laced ensembles for example in yellow, red...Beside the lace combined with sheer materials it can be boosted with fine opulent embroidery and shiny crystal appliques giving the ultra glamour and breathtaking effect.

As you can see haute couture adores lace. It is one of the most common modes when it comes to textures and materials which never gets bored and never goes out of style. With its delicate "peek-a-boo" nature lace is perfect form to make deep romantic ensembles revealing the most stunning beauty of woman´s body.

Do you like this haute couture?

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Georgia! xo

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