If you ever wonder how haute couture is keeping its freshness and stylisticly finest mode despite the time, then you are on the right place! Throughout this whole week I am writing about eternal class and elegance of high end fashion just to prove how its aesthetic is appealing even today. So in this post I will say few impressions about Chanel couture collection for Spring/Summer 2006!

When we talk about Chanel one thing is amazing and astonishing when it comes to this house of couture. It revitalises even today the original style adapting it at new design innovations. This collection wasn˙t exception either. The famous two piece ensembles made of finest tweed textures, lots of lace features and a trace of playful glamour in form of glittery embelishments, all of that could be seen at this show.

One thing that caught eye was the fact that the whole collection was made in two colors, black and white. This approach was impecably done successfully avoiding the possible dullness and monotony beacuse every piece was intriguing and fresh in visual sense! The vivid nature was kept in the different textures´ game; from simple and sleek surfaces, ruffled ornaments to lace embroideries. All of that made the collection very diverse and versatile despite the "bichrome" choice of colors.

But let us look the main reason why I chose this collection! The style of it is still amazing, not to mention its dazzle when it comes to aesthetic innovations and wearability. It kept its playful and quirky nature with high boost of elegance. Especially when looking at long gowns in famous hourglass silhouette; it is feminine with a sassy but classy approach of original mademoiselle Chanel´s whisp! Perfect example for eternal magic of haute couture!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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