Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Keeping the throwback moments alive here! This week I decided to look and present to you haute couture collections that were made few years ago and in this way to show you how ageless and eternal couture is. Today the word is about Valentino haute couture show for Spring/Summer 2008. Actually this collection was the last one made my himself, Mr.Valentino Garavani, so the importance and cause to share my impressions with on this collection you are even bigger!

I can´t simpy imagine what was going in the Valentino´s creative mind and strive when he was making his last collection! But the final result was the impecable and gorgeous "hommage" to his work. Most importantly he stepped back when he was on top, I can say that! In this collection he rounded up all of his aesthetic approaches in modern, everlasting elegant design which are stunning even today. From quirky and playful cocktail dresses boosted with tons of feminine features like accentuated waists, colorful textures and rich floral prints to the most astonishing pieces which were gowns feather alike light made of finest silk and chiffon. Naked shoulders were included for ultra feminine touch. Mr. Valentino hasn´t ever made any decadent fashion, even in "all black" ensembles he kept his famously loosed approach to woman´s elegance.

For all fashionistas who are more into the fashion you will notice that in this whole collection there wasn´t any famous Valentino red dress! They were displayed on the wall of the room where the fashion show was held! With this move Valentino did amazing thing; he successfully had avoided his trademark of going into the "cliche" putting in on to pedestal of eternal fashion anthology! With this fact and with presented fashion show, Mr. Valentino went into the legends of high fashion! Without any pathetic and megalomanic trace! Just doing the thing he knew the best, making gorgeous fashion!

What do you think about this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo 


  1. Love the gold two-piece , Valentino is one of my favourite designers.


    1. This collection was so stunning! Even today it is stylish! I like two-piece ensemble too! Thank you so much for your nice words! :)