In the enormous sea of haute couture inspirations one of the most intriguing is defenitely couture with exotic touch. This strong non-traditional flare is a perfect space for experimental and very original couture realizations with a touch of uncommon visual approaches. It is very extravagant and outside any classic fashion expectations but with a hint of exotic and far countries. So how this side of couture looks is the theme of today´s post.

Exotic can mean so many things and ways of expression when talking about it in haute couture perspective; it can be related to exotic parts of the world which have very different aesthetic nature and nurture, for our culture at least, unconventional beauty and fashion standards.  The main characteristics and highlights are taken from their original concept and brought in totally new aspect; a concept of haute couture we already know.

For example the tribe vibes in form of exaggerated face jewelry, the delicate micro knitting and arabesque-ish ornaments on materials, the couture with deep experimental but native approach, or simply different kind of couture for which we can only say that it is original. It can only be in form of detail or the whole ensemble´s concept can be inspired by exotic touch. This only proves that haute couture corresponds so well with unconventional creative perspectives and standards making the high fashion scene very heterogenic and anti-bourgeois! The best purpose we can not ask for!

Do you like this kind of couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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