And there was the Dress! The famous item that put fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to immediate spotlight which is even today the true Olimp of the most dazzling pret-a-porter! If you are not familiar to fashion and the story behind the Dress, today I will say few words about it. So keep on read it!

If anyone knows and understand women than it is probably Diane von Furstenberg. She made the perfect dress ever which was revolutionary by that time; the famous wrapping dress. You don´t need much time and effort to put it on, just wrap it around your body like a perfect and luxurious robe, and you are ready to go! It is interesting that even today Diane still nourishes this Dress approach; making very elegant but comfortable dresses which flaunt woman´s figure instantly!

Just to take a look at few most common highlights in Diane von Furstenberg´s design; very waist accentuated silhouette but because of gentle wrap around the body it is not stiff and sleek like you see in silhouettes featured by corsets ( in this big detail is hidden Diane´s fashion legacy ), bold and vibrant prints which celebrate woman´s beauty and loosed up elegance cross-embodied with casual approach to fashion design. You have perfect, toned down style which every woman desires for!

Do you like this design? Would you like to wear on of these dresses?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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